Faux Flowers vs Real Flowers: Tips from The Backdrop Queen

Updated: Feb 23

Do you know that most celebrity weddings and events feature a mix of faux and real blooms? Both real flowers and faux can be used together to create a beautiful event.

Flowers themselves are a beauty to look upon. Faux flowers (but I refer to them as permanent botanicals) have come a long way in terms of their beauty and realness. There are some blooms you simply have to touch to find out if they are real or not.

As an event designer at heart, I want the entire room to look good for your event. and since I'm creative with both faux and real floral arrangements. I create designs that set the tone for the space. You can order a custom backdrop especially for you. I am The Backdrop Queen!

If you walk into my showroom right now, you will find several faux flower backdrops that I've created for my clients. A beautiful flower wall and custom draping creates a stunning focal piece fo a special birthday party, baby shower, wedding or any event. They are a perfect photo opportunity for you and your guests.

These floral backdrops are made of high end faux botanicals that you can rent to get the the "WOW" look you desire.

One advantage to custom faux botanicals is seasonality. There are certain times of the year when particular blooms are simply not in season. Real flowers typically come in limited color palettes as well. So to get the look you desire, you either forgo using certain blooms or design with high quality faux botanicals instead.

But in all actuality it really comes down to your style and what you are willing to invest to the get the look you want.

Remember, whatever the look you desire, the most important thing when looking for an event professional is to find someone you can trust to give you the event you always dreamed of.

Get in touch to inquire about faux or real flowers for your event!

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